Homeschool Consulting Services

Homeschooling can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Let me take care of the things that overwhelm you so that you can focus on what is truly important: your family!

With my Homeschool Consulting Services, you receive 1:1 tailored support to help you navigate all the options and start your homeschool year on a solid foundation. Put my years of experience as a homeschool mom, teacher, convention speaker, and curriculum developer to work for you!

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For clients local to the Tulsa, OK area (~1 hour radius), all services are available in person; for all other areas, I can meet with you via Skype, email, and/or phone – whatever is most convenient for you.

Email Jen at to set up your session today!

1:1 Consultation

Whether you are strongly considering homeschooling or have decided to take the plunge, you probably have questions, concerns, and a bit of anxiety. Let me ease your mind, answer your questions, and help you navigate the many options in order to start out strong!

Your consultation includes an hour of dedicated 1:1 time with me as well as resources to help you understand the requirements & benefits of homeschooling. Email me today to find out which options will work best for you!

1 Hour Consultation: $35.00

Group Session

Sometimes, it really is easier to brainstorm with friends. With the Group Session, you can! This session is similar to the 1:1 Consultation, but up to five families can take part (and split the cost!)

This is your time to ask questions, figure out a game plan, compare curriculum options, and more with the help of a seasoned mentor. Contact me for more details and to set up your Group Session!

2 Hour Group Session: $75

Shopping Trip!

Whether you’re at a bookstore or trying to make sense of all the catalogs and websites, curriculum shopping can be hard to handle. It doesn’t have to be!

Locally, I will bring you shopping to find the best deals for your materials, helping you through each step and giving you feedback on curriculum choices when requested. For families outside the Tulsa area, I will help you track down the best deals for the curriculum you have chosen, also offering any feedback on choices that you would like.

Let me make it easy for you!

Shopping Trip: $15

Curriculum Mentoring Package

One of the most intimidating parts of homeschooling is often picking out curriculum; having tons of choices is terrific, but who has the time to weed through all of them! And how do you know you’re making the “right” choice?

Having been down that path, and having used or reviewed most of the curriculum choices on the market today, I can help you make the best choices for your family. Curriculum mentoring starts with figuring out your goals, teaching style, learning styles of your children, budget, and priorities as far as prep time, teaching time, and depth of material.

Because both schedules and the needs of your children can change, I will check in with you a few times during the year to answer any questions and help with any tweaks that are needed.

And if you prefer, once we have a curriculum plan in place, add on a Shopping Trip at a discounted price. Let me help you with the legwork – I am here to serve you!

Curriculum Mentoring Package: $40 Per Student

Full Mentoring Package

When I first started homeschooling, I was terrified – literally. It is a huge transition, and having someone to walk you through each step can be invaluable. The Full Mentoring Package includes the 1:1 Consultation OR Group Session as well as the Curriculum Mentoring Package, but then goes a few steps further.

With this package, I am available to help you in a variety of ways, depending on your needs. I can help you with setting up a schedule, organization, a school room or area, lesson plans, developing units, figuring out all the “extras” to add in (as well as helping you figure out how much is too much), and being available to answer questions throughout the year.

This way, you are freed up and equipped to teach and mentor your children, rather than spending your time and efforts in trying to figure out all the details. Contact me for details!

Full Mentoring Package: $175


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