The Bronze Bow Literature Unit and free writing lesson and printable from A Helping Hand Homeschool!
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The Bronze Bow Literature Unit Resources

When I taught jr. high and high school literature, The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare was one of my favorite books to cover. I made it into a 6-week unit that included a major writing project. (More on that later this week!) *Affiliate links may be present on this page. Purchasing items through these… Continue reading The Bronze Bow Literature Unit Resources

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Literature Unit Resources: Sign of the Beaver

As much as I tried, my son never understood the appeal of studying seasonal things…at least not in season. He had no desire to do anything with pumpkins in the fall or flowers in the spring. As a result, I had a heck of a time trying to find fun things for him to work with. That’s when I got the idea to hide those things in a literature unit. It’s kind of like hiding the veggies in the sauce, but a lot more fun!

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History Curriculum Review: Knowledge Quest

I’ve found over the past 13+ years that my best curriculum discoveries come through word of mouth. Each Friday, I’m going to highlight some of the amazing curriculum options I’ve found over the years. And if they happen to be on sale, I’ll post and let you know!