I was told for years that I should be a mentor for homeschooling families, but I certainly didn’t start out with the ability or experience to do so.

It all started when my 6-year-old son came home from his first day of first grade at a new school, in a new state. He was excited…up until class started. For the first time in his life, he didn’t want to go to school. When we got home that afternoon, he begged me to homeschool him.

Shocked, I responded with, “I’m sorry, whose child are you?” (I know, Mother of the Year, right?) Long story short, he convinced me to hoemschool him. I had the weekend to figure out how to do that – to figure out the laws, requirements, curriculum, schedules…and oh yeah, how to even do it in the first place. Talk about rushed!

Our first year, I went through four full curriculum packages (which burned through a few thousand dollars fairly quickly), 3 different schedules, and several hours filled with tears and chocolate. I read everything I could find…which in 2004, wasn’t much. I had no idea what I was doing, but I plugged along, determined to figure it out.

Eventually, I got connected with other local homeschoolers, figured out some other options that might work, and spent hours upon hours researching. I made mistakes and learned from them; I started picking and choosing materials and ideas to form my own curriculum when I couldn’t find what I needed. I started teaching at local co ops, working with kids of all different levels, kids that grew up with different teaching philosophies at home. I did more research and figured out different ways to teach each of them.

Basically, I didn’t sleep much for a decade or so. But I learned a lot. And now I can share that with you.

Fast forward to the present day: my son has now graduated and is doing well in college; he is active in ministry and is actively gaining the skills needed to start his own business.

The years of research, mistakes, and lessons learned were well worth it, but they don’t have to stop with his education; they can now be put to work for you!