Regaining Your Homeschool Focus
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Regaining Your Homeschool Focus

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2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair

Even with all the resources available at our fingertips today, we still tend to lose focus in our homeschools from time to time.

Often, this is for completely valid reasons. We have a lot on our plates, and things aren’t always in our control!

When you do lose focus, though, how do you bounce back?

How do you regain that focus?

I’ve been there, many a time, and for many different reasons.

At times, it was because my son’s needs changed mid-year. All of a sudden, what was working suddenly…didn’t. Something clicked and he was ready for a different level of instruction, and I was left scrambling for a new curriculum to plan.

Other times, we lost focus for health reasons. My son has dealt with multiple critical illnesses, and while he’s healthy today, this wasn’t always the case.

When you have to choose between math homework and meeting with a specialist…well, the doctor’s appointment wins. Schoolwork gets set aside and routines change.

And sometimes, we really didn’t have a good reason. We just got off track. It happens to the best of us!

When this does happen, how do you deal with it? How do you get that focus back?

Regaining Your Focus

What I’ve found as the surefire way to regain focus is to remember your “why.”

Why did you begin homeschooling?

Why is it best for your children?

What has your family gained from it?

One thing to realize…this is not the time to weed through and nitpick everything that might have gone wrong this year.

This is the time to honestly, objectively evaluate your homeschool and bring your focus back to where it should be.

Regaining Your Homeschool Focus

Why We Homeschool

For us, homeschooling has been somewhat of a windy, rocky road. It’s been filled with plenty of twists and turns, and I really can’t think of a year that’s gone “according to plan.”

And that’s ok. To be honest, my plans are never all that perfect.

Many, many moons ago, we started homeschooling for one reason: my son asked to be homeschooled. (Begged, actually. Promises of eternally clean rooms were even involved.)

We never planned to homeschool – just the opposite, actually. But when that choice was placed in front of us, we chose to take it on.

Dipping into uncharted waters was a bit scary at times, but it was also incredibly worth it. I got to know my son better in the first 6 months of homeschooling than I had in the previous 6 years of sending him to daycare and school.

But we kept homeschooling for one simple reason: for him, it was the best choice.

He thrived in ways that he never would have been able to in a classroom.

He was able to learn at his own pace (rather than what was predetermined by people who had never met him).

And he was able to pursue his interests in ways that made sense to him, and to dig as deeply into them as he wanted.

And when medical issues arose, we were able to immediately tweak expectations and methods to meet his needs.

It worked, plain and simple.

Rediscovering Your Why

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a lot of parents who are just tired. They are questioning whether their choice to homeschool really matters.

If this is where you are, please let me encourage you: It matters. A lot.

I also want to encourage you to dig in and rediscover your why.

Look back through the past year, the past few years, and honestly evaluate: what changes have you seen in your children? What growth? How have their interests and abilities been allowed to shine?

You may also find some areas that need changes, and that’s fine. We all have them.

But focus on what matters, and keep it in front of you.

Because it does. What you do matters!

I’d love to hear your “why” and your story. If you need encouragement, I’d love to give it! Please comment below and let me know.

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  1. Yes, I have to remind myself sometimes when the finish line seems so far off, it’s better to look back at why we’re on this journey and what it means to us!

  2. This is great! “Rediscovering my why” that is the process I’m in. I wrote up my why this week as well but I’m figuring out my real goals and lining my schooling up with them.

    1. Thank you, Sabrina! I found that my goals changed often during the years. My “why” evolved somewhat, but it always basically stayed the same. It’s such a good thing to look back on to regain focus. I hope all goes well with your goal-setting this semester!

    1. It’s definitely a good thing to take time for! That was the problem I kept running into…I kept deciding I was too busy to do so! (Probably not my wisest choice…) 😉

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