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A Christmas Carol Movie Study + Cyber Monday Deal!

We’ve all heard it…scratch that. Most of us have probably said it at one time or another!

(In our pre-homeschooling mom days, of course!)

“Why read the book? I’ll just watch the movie.”

A Christmas Carol Movie Study with a free unit and lesson planner!

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This might be the ultimate “I really don’t want to read that much” excuse…but it’s also a fantastic way to teach elements of literature. As a bonus, it also helps your teen become interested in great literature and writing projects!

Teaching Movies as Literature

If you think about it, great movies are great for a reason. They show mastery of storytelling, plot structure, theme, motivation, suspense, motif, and more, but in a visual format.

Movies are actually an excellent way to introduce a reluctant reader or writer to the skills of literature analysis.

And for the student who loves to read and write, it’s a fun way to dig into the skills of cinematic storytelling! You can make an incredible comparison study from a movies as literature unit: how do the elements differ on the page and on the screen?

This was actually something my son took on for himself a few years back, and he learned a lot from it. It’s a practice he still carries today!

Learn all about A Christmas Carol with a movie study and unit planner from A Helping Hand Homeschool!

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’ classic short story, A Christmas Carol, is an excellent work to start out with for a movies as literature study.

For younger kids, the movie itself is a great one to dig into. There’s a lot there, but Dickens is an excellent storyteller, and even kids in the elementary grades can glean a lot from it. (I remember it being one of my favorites from around 2nd or 3rd grade!)

For kids in junior high and high school, you can go deeper into the study, even adding in a comparison project with the book. And there are fantastic activity ideas for every age!

The spine of this study is the Cinema as Literature Learning unit by 7Sisters. This unit brings junior high and high school students through the movie, teaching them various literary elements along the way.

It is based on the movie starring George C. Scott. This version is engaging, easy to find, and a really good version.

Students will start out by watching the movie and recording their initial thoughts. Later in the study they will watch it again, digging deeper into the questions.

At the end of the study is a writing project designed to make your kids think through what they’ve studied, but in a fun way. And of course, there’s an answer key for you!

By the way…for Black Friday, the bundled set is 50% off now through November 29! You can get the individual movie study units for $4.99. But…

Until November 29, that means you can get a full year of movies as literature studies for $15.00!

This set includes movies such as:

  • Casablanca
  • Moby Dick
  • The Importance of Being Earnest (another one of our favorites!)
  • And more!

Comparing the Movie with the Book

If you would like to add the book, it does a lot to extend out the study!

There are a few different ways to do this.

We really enjoyed doing A Christmas Carol (and other works by Dickens) as a read aloud. You can do some really fun voices with it, and it allows for a lot of good discussion. It’s totally fine to do part or all of the guide questions through discussion!

Dickens can be pretty wordy though, so if you’re not up for reading it all yourself, you can also listen to it as a family on Audible. This also allows your kids to listen to it more than once!

And if your child prefers to read the book on their own, go for it! The literature guide will bring your child through the vocabulary, comprehension, literary analysis, and more.

Additional Activities

There are so many fun activities you can do to round out this unit, or to bring younger kids into it. It makes a really fun December unit – literature, history, and Christmas in Victorian Britain!

I’ve designed a unit study to go along with the movie and book, which you can get for free through November 29! Just fill out the form below, confirm your subscription, and it will be on its way.

This unit has activities for all ages, from lower elementary through high school. Have fun!

Extra Resources

My Pinterest Board for A Christmas Carol has lots of fun activities to choose from!

Comparing and contrasting different movie interpretations is fun and offers some great discussion! (Be sure to read reviews to determine which will be right for your family.) Here are some to choose from:

If you’re looking for an illustrated version, this one is gorgeous. And if you give books to your kids for Christmas, it would be a good one to consider!

If you’ve got an older child that loves to color, you can get the coloring book to go along with the study! (It would also be fun for you!)


I hope you enjoy this movie study, and that your kids gain a deeper appreciation of both literature and the wonders of Christmas. Comment below and let me know some of your favorite ways to learn during December!

And don’t forget to download your free unit for A Christmas Carol – it’s only free through November 29!

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