10 Amazing Art Picks for Your Homeschool from A Helping Hand Homeschool!
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10 Amazing Art Picks for Your Homeschool!

I have had so much fun writing a series on artists and art history over the past few weeks! There are still a lot of artists I’d like to get to, and I’m working on some unit studies that will be available soon. (Keep an eye out for my store, which is currently in development!)

In the meantime though, I wanted to share some of my favorite art and art history resources from around the internet. Click through and check them out – there are some fantastic resources here!

10 Amazing Art Picks for Your Homeschool from A Helping Hand Homeschool!

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Where to Get Great Art History Curriculum for Your Homeschool

Learning Online Blog has provided a pretty comprehensive list of resources to fit any homeschool. This post includes plenty of curriculum options, interactive programs, and texts to help elementary through high school kids hone their creative skills!

YouTube Channels for Kids that Teach Art Appreciation and Art History

If you’re looking for a fun way to introduce your kids to art, these channels may be just the thing. There are even videos that you can have running in the background during your day, exposing your kids to fine art without scheduling in extra activities!

Art History Apps for All Ages

If you prefer a more “techy” approach to art instruction, there are some great apps here! Suggestions are given for elementary through high school and adult, and for both Android and iOS devices. Apps are another great way to add art instruction to your day!

Online Unit Studies

And staying within the “tech” theme…check out the Online Unit Studies from Techie Homeschool Mom! These unit studies are comprehensive, fun, and easy to work with – an they’re completely hosted online, so there are no other materials you have to hunt down! The Famous Artists Volume 1 and Famous Artists Volume 2 are both amazing. And if you want to try a free unit on for size, the Thanksgiving unit is free for a limited time!

Charlotte Mason Picture Study

You’ve probably heard about Charlotte Mason, but you might not be quite sure how to incorporate her art studies into your homeschool. It’s actually really easy and fun, and works well for all ages! In this post, Real Life at Home leads you through the process of doing a Charlotte Mason picture study. Have fun!

Haikus About Art: Integrating Art and Language Arts

A lot of the time when we look at a piece of art, that’s what we do…we look at it. We decide if we like it and then we move on. But there’s so much more to dig into! Find out how to help your kids delve further into a piece of art by using it as inspiration for a haiku. There’s even a free printable to get them started!

Enrichment Studies.com Fine Art Resources

Enrichment Studies offers some amazing resources to help your kids discover the world of art! There are bundles available for art movements, groups of artists, and more. These units and resources are available online with lifetime access, so you can use them with multiple kids! Just a note…there’s also a lot more than art here…composer studies, history, penmanship and copywork resources, and more You can download free samples to see their work, and then pick and choose from anything you like!

Raising Real Men Kits, Gear, and Gifts

Do you ever struggle with finding art and craft activities that your guys will like? A lot of popular kits today are really fun, but they also tend to be a bit…well, targeted to girls. Where are the kits for boys? Raising Real Men has risen to the call! You’ll find everything from a boy could want…woodburning, leatherworking, calligraphy, even kits that will allow them to build their own canoe and make their own chainmail. Check it out!

How to Create a Low Cost Elementary Art Curriculum…Plus a Free Printable!

Do you want to create an art curriculum geared toward your children, but don’t really want to spend the money for all the bells and whistles? Roscommon Acres has you covered! This post will show you how to easily customize your lessons to fit your kids, your history lineup, and your budget. And there’s a free printable to help you do it!

Art History for Kids

Tree Valley Academy has compiled some fantastic resources for making art history fun for little ones! These lessons are designed for kids around 4 to 8 years old…but honestly, I want to do them. They just look like that much fun!

There you have it!

And in case you missed any from my series this month, here’s a quick list of the artists and movements we’ve covered. All of the lessons include a bio, fun facts about famous works of art, timeline activities, and fun hands-on projects. Feel free to pin them for later!

Jan van Eyck – Northern Renaissance

Raphael and the Italian Renaissance

Michelangelo – Italian Renaissance

Rembrandt – Baroque/Northern Renaissance

Carolus Linnaeus – fun STEAM ideas!

John Constable – Romanticism

Claude Monet – Impressionism (+ free art history cards)

Edgar Degas – Impressionism/Post-Impressionism (+ free art visuals)

Vincent van Gogh – Post-Impressionism

Frank Kupka – Cubism

Jackson Pollock – Abstract Art

Andy Warhol – Pop Art

Roy Lichtenstein – Pop Art

Op Art and Kinetic Art Unit Study

So what are your favorite resources for art? Comment below – I’d love to hear your ideas!

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