Art History Notebooking Set
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Art History Notebooking Pages!

For the past few weeks, I have been writing a series of lessons to help you incorporate art and art history into your day. I hope you’re having fun with them! As a bonus, I’ve designed a set of notebooking pages to go along with the study.

Download your free 20-page set of Art History Notebooking Pages from!

And the great thing? You can use these with many different ages and units. They’re easy to adapt to your needs!

They’re also in black and white, so they’ll be great for your budding artist to work with. (They’ll also be easier on your printer ink!)

Art History Notebooking Set

This 20-page set includes notebooking pages for all of the art movements that we’ve covered in this series, ranging from the Middle Ages to Contemporary Art. There is also an artist study page that can be used for any and every artist you like.

This page has plenty of “gallery” room for your kids to create their own works of art! If they’d rather, this page also makes a great scrapbook for printed images. Do what works best for you!

Because I know you have better things to do than hunt down images for your timeline and notebooking pages, I’ve also included several to work with! In this set, there are two pages of images for every artist we’ve studied in this series.

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Enjoy your notebooking set and the art lessons! And let me know how they go – I love to hear from you!



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