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Incorporate Art History with a Timeline of the Arts!

The amazing thing about teaching the arts is that there are so many ways to go about it. They can be taught as a stand-alone unit, as fun activities, or as extensions to other subjects. You can teach them through hands-on projects, artist and composer studies, and more. Because art is an extension of culture, it literally ties into every other area of life.

Timeline of the Arts


One of the easiest ways to teach and understand art is by incorporating it into history. The two flow seamlessly together! Understanding the events and people of history help us to better understand works of art, and in turn, studying art movements helps us to better understand those people and events.

What better way to do that but with a timeline?

Timeline of the Arts

We all know how important timelines are to the study of history. They help history move from the abstract to the concrete.

Well, they can do the same thing for art!

Download your free Timeline of the Arts!

Each art movement and genre is the product of its time. It is the outpouring of the thought processes that occurred during each era in history, in each time and place. When we can place an artist, composer, or work of art on a timeline and see how it meshes with people, events, and works of literature, suddenly everything starts to fall into place.

Being able to tie an art movement or artist to the Renaissance, when knowledge and discovery came on the scene after centuries of being forgotten, allows a student to understand it in a whole new light. Hearing a piece of music in the context of events that changed history can make it come alive.

This 14-page timeline is the perfect tool to help you do that!

I have designed it to be structured enough to use easily, but flexible enough to work for your family. It extends from 1200 AD to the present and places each major art movement within its era. The timeline has plenty of space to record artists, composers, historical events, important figures, and works of literature.

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