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Great New Products from Skill Trek!

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Have you seen Skill Trek yet? It’s a new life skills curriculum that I love…seriously, I wish it had been around earlier! It’s designed to teach all of the skills that tend to fall through the cracks, and in ways that are just plain fun. You can see my review of it here!

Skill Trek is a comprehensive life skills curriculum for early elementary through high school. It covers everything from household chores to emergency preparedness, from manners and etiquette to cooking and repairs. The program is definitely worth checking out!

Skill Trek Express

Being the innovators that they are, the developers of this program have come out with some new products and formats. In an effort to make Skill Trek even more handy, there is now a new product – Skill Trek Express! It comes in both an e-version and a physical kit, so there’s something to fit every family.

The original membership subscription is still available, but Skill Trek Express offers a “lite” version of this program. This is great for families who want to try it out or who need a toned-down version for budget or schedule reasons.

The e-kit is available for a limited time at $8.95 per kit, and the physical kit is available at an introductory rate of $19.95 per kit. I have a feeling these deals aren’t going to last long!

So head on over and see which option works best for you. At these prices, it’s definitely worth jumping on – and I think you’ll love it as much as I do!

Try it out and let me know what you think! Comment below – I love to hear from you.


Let me know what you think!