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Homeschooling the “Non-Stop” Child

You’ve probably read the advice in the parenting books…”Sleep when the baby sleeps.”

Well, that’s wonderful advice, except when your baby never sleeps!

When you fast-forward a few years, the baby who doesn’t sleep becomes the child who never stops. While this child is completely amazing in so many ways, they’re also hard to keep up with!

Homeschooling the Non-Stop Child

When you’re in the position of both parenting and homeschooling this child, you face a unique set of issues. Whether your child’s intensity and energy come from being gifted or special needs, or whether they just have an incredible amount of energy, a lot of the “standard” methods simply don’t work. That’s when you need to get creative and very flexible.

What to Do?

So how do you keep up with the child who never stops? Well, for that answer, I’m going to send you over to a guest post that I wrote today on Encouraging Moms at Home. In it, I go over some basic, can’t miss ‘em tips (because let’s face it, when you’re already running to keep up, you don’t need to try to implement anything complicated!). I also wrote a 16-page e-booklet giving a bunch of easy-to-implement ideas for preschool through high school, all designed to help you keep ahead of your non-stop child. It’s free, just sign up in the post and it’ll be on its way!

Because trust me, when your child is happily challenged and learning, life becomes a whole lot easier.

Just click here to read the post and nab your free booklet. And rest easy – you’ve got this!


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