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History Curriculum Review: Knowledge Quest

I’ve found over the past 13+ years that my best curriculum discoveries come through word of mouth. From time to time, I’m going to highlight some of the amazing curriculum options I’ve found over the years. And if they happen to be on sale, I’ll post and let you know!

Check out the amazing history and geography products from Knowledge Quest at!

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History and Geography

If you’re anything like me, you grew up thinking history was quite possibly the driest subject on the face of the planet. It ranked right above Algebra on the list of “when am I ever going to use this?”

One of my high school history teachers once literally fell asleep during his own class. Not even kidding. So naturally, I didn’t come into homeschooling with a shining attitude toward history and geography.

And then I started reading through some of the options available to our kids (and to us!). My first thought was, “Why wasn’t it taught that way when I was growing up? History’s actually fun – who knew?”

A lot of those amazing history options are brought to us by Knowledge Quest!

World History Products

Knowledge Quest is run by a homeschooling family, so their products are written for us. They’re designed to make history, geography, timelines, and cultures come alive to our kids. I’ve used them for years, both in our homeschool and in my private classes, and I have yet to find anything I didn’t love. Here are some of our faves:

Wonders of Old Timeline:

This is a beautiful hard-cover timeline book, designed to be something your kids can work on each year and build into something they’re really proud of.

A Child’s Geography:

This series, written by the amazing Ann Voskamp, brings kids (and parents) on an inspiring journey through the Holy Land, the Classical World, Medieval Kingdoms, and more with Explore His Earth.

What Really Happened In…:

This series brings history into story form, giving our kids insights into the lives of people just like them who accomplished extraordinary things. There are volumes for Ancient Times, Middle Ages, and Colonial Times, so almost every time period is covered. These are a great addition to any history program!

Map Trek:

Do you struggle with teaching geography (or merging it with history)? This CD-based product brings timelines, historical maps, and short articles together to give you the perfect resource. Maps are grouped by unit and shown in chronological order, and the interactive features of the program bring it all together. You can get them individually or grouped in bundles for Ancient or Medieval.

And…if you’re interested in bundling any of these products together, well, bundles are also available! You can get the General World History, Ancient History, Medieval History, New World History, or Modern History Bundle.

Have fun shopping! Head on over and let me know what you think.

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